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Looking for Affordable Small Business Software? The Big Solution for SME’s Big Headache.

The Cloud9 Solution is perfect for any size business whether it is a large organisation or a small enterprise.  Cloud9 is ideal for companies looking for small business software, as it is delivered as an affordable service that includes eCommerce, Business & Accounting Software in ONE seamless solution

It is an online SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution that is completely scalable and it will give your business the freedom to easily and instantly facilitate growth. Our service simply grows or contracts in accordance with your business needs.  Now you can give your business the freedom and agility to move and adjust with ever changing market conditions. 

Unlike some small business software providers, with Cloud9 there is no capital outlay required for computer hardware, IT infrastructure or software licensing. Now you can turn capital expenditure into manageable operational expenditure.  Many solutions from small business software vendors can be costly and difficult to implement. With Cloud9 your business could be up and running securely within days.  It is very easy and intuitive to navigate and operate.


Online Business Software and Online Accounting Software in ONE seamless solution.

Cloud9 is a single seamless solution integrating all online business and online accounting software modules which manages all aspects of sales, purchases, inventory, logistics and finance. The seamless integration of all business activities is driven by our automated intelligent workflows which instantly update the associated business elements at line level across the enterprise.

With only a single entry of data required for each transaction, the risk of human error in re-keying data throughout the process is removed. By providing all business and financial requirements in one seamlessly integrated and fully automated solution, Cloud9 adds structure and discipline to ensure you no longer have to worry about the accuracy and consistency of your data “from order to final accounts”.

The Online Business Software modules include:

  •    E-Commerce (Self Service Business Online B2B & B2C)

  •    Sales Order Processing

  •    Inventory Management

  •    Purchase Order Processing

The Online Accounting Software modules include:

  •    General Ledger

  •    Accounts Payable

  •    Accounts Receivable

  •    Bank

It is important to note that our E-Commerce module empowers self-service business online. This not only provides you with an instant B2B and B2C sales channel but also provides your customers and suppliers with a number of self-service trading options. This approach connects all your customers, suppliers, management and staff 24/7, empowering them to get everyday business tasks done instantly & efficiently anytime, anywhere.

All of the online business software modules are completely integrated with our online accounting software modules. Every single transaction is completed, updated, analysed and reported in real time to provide 360 degree visibility and control across the entire enterprise of your business. With 24/7 access you have up to the minute visibility and status of Sales, Purchases, Finance and Logistics.


Online Accounting Ireland

Downward pressure on billing rates, increased competition from different sources and the need to innovate are daily challenges faced by members of the accounting profession.

One service particularly affected is bookkeeping, which is one area that if at all possible most accountants want to avoid. This is primarily due to the time and effort required to support clients with very little return if any.

This is often as a result of unprocessed, inaccurate, untimely and incomplete data provided by the client endeavouring to pass their obligations over to the accountant with unwillingness to accept the cost of the provision of these services. The type and size of the clients business often means that they have very weak controls and process management with minimal and untimely reporting facilities.

So what alternative can accountants offer their clients to encourage them to automate the book keeping and management reporting processes that would allow the accountant to focus on delivering higher value services and business advice?

There is now a complete solution for online accounting in Ireland. Due to the latest trends in Cloud computing and SAAS (Software-as-a-Service) architecture a solution that accommodates all these requirements is now available as an online service. This solution allows all business partners of a company to trade online 24/7. It provides full automation of the key business processes with real-time generation of management accounts and reports across the enterprise.

The service is available 24/7 with secure access levels and controlled user rights to a seamlessly integrated single business solution. This type of solution with integrated online accounting helps SMEs in Ireland to reduce costs, improve customer service levels and increase profits. It provides direct secure access for their customers and suppliers for self service trading at their convenience.

Accountants can also access the system over the web to review the companies Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and so provide high level business and financial advice instantly.


“We see Cloud 9 as a strategic asset to our business development plans.  Not only can our 450 customers order online at any time, they have 24/7 access to all product information and historical trading data.  With Cloud 9 we can grow our business without the relative increase in our…

John McGrath, Alpha Toys UK

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